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Tobacco Cessation

The Tobacco Dependency Clinic specializes in helping people quit Tobacco.

This clinic provides consultation and support services to assist those who are thinking about or are ready to stop smoking and other tobacco use.

  • Patients will meet with our Nurse Practitioner, Gretchen Whitby, CNP, CTTS for individualized assessment, behavioral counseling, and pharmacologic treatment as appropriate.
  • Patients receive support and resources throughout their effort to stop smoking/ tobacco.
  • Visits will last 40- 50 minutes initially and 20 minutes thereafter, and patients will be offered additional visits on an as needed or case by case basis.
  • Ongoing communication with patients will be available via telephone or through OSUMyChart.
  • Patients who may benefit include:
    • Patients who are thinking about quitting
    • Patients who are in the process of quitting but need additional support
    • Patients who have quit but are worried about relapsing
    • Patients who would like prescription tobacco cessation medications to help them quit 

Referral Process:

  • Physician referral and self-referral accepted.
  • Referring office to call The Lung Center to set up appointment (referral order does not currently prompt appointment to be scheduled)


Contact Information:

Patient Scheduling: 614-293-4925

Fax (for referrals): 614-293-5503