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The Ohio State University Sleep Disorders Center has a long tradition in providing excellent clinical care for patients with sleep problems, as well as in sleep research and medical education. It is among the very first centers in the nation to be accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and is the only one in the Columbus, Ohio area that offers training of future sleep medicine specialists through its fellowship program.

Our center is dedicated to evaluating and treating all types of sleep disorders in patients over the age of twelve.  These disorders include sleep apnea, insomnia, disorders of excessive sleepiness such as narcolepsy, abnormal behaviors of sleep, sleep-related movement disorders such as restless legs, and circadian rhythm disorders. Our physicians are certified in Sleep Medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM) and the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and are supported by participation of various disciplines including, neurology, pulmonary, cardiology, otolaryngology, and dentistry.

Our four convenient clinic locations are at the Martha Morehouse Medical Plaza, Stoneridge Clinic, Ross Heart Hospital, and University Hospital East Tower.

Sleep tests are performed at our state-of-the-art sleep laboratory located at the fourth floor of Talbot Hall at OSU University Hospital East. The sleep laboratory offers a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic sleep procedures including overnight polysomnography, CPAP and bi-level positive airway pressure titrations, multiple sleep latency testing and maintenance of wakefulness testing.

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