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Lung Cancer


Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer related deaths in the US with an estimated 160.000 deaths in 2008. Despite new therapies, the overall five year survival remains at 15%. It is likely that new techniques for early identification, improved understanding of the molecular heterogeneity that exists in lung cancer and novel targeted therapies will all contribute to increasing survival. Historically, lung cancer diagnosis and management has involved oncologists and surgeons with very little role for the pulmonologist. However, it is increasingly recognized that a multidisciplinary approach provides more comprehensive care patients with lung cancer. The OSU Pulmonary Oncology clinic is committed to providing the most advanced care in the management of patients across the spectrum ranging from suspected diagnosis to management of treatment complications.

The Clinic offers:

  • Rapid assessment and diagnosis/staging of suspected cases of thoracic malignancy (time to diagnosis less than one week) and coordinated care through our multidisciplinary program
  • Medical optimization for patients undergoing treatment
  • Management of  co-morbid diseases of the lung
  • Management of complications including malignant effusion and endobronchial disease
  • Management of complications of therapy