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Nabeel N. Farooqui, MD

473 W 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

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Chapters in Books

Farooqui N, Netland PA.. "Combined Phacoemulsification and Trabeculectomy." In Clinical Altas of Procedures in Ophthalmic Surgery. 2 ed. Edited by Albert DM, Lucarelli MJ.. -. Cambridge, MA: Oxford University Press, January 2012.


Journal Articles

Farooqui N, Myung D, Koh W, Masek M, Dalal R, Carrasco MR, Noolandi J, Frank C, Ta CN.. "Histological Processing of pH-Sensitive Hydrogels Used in Corneal Implant Applications." J of Histotechnol. Vol. 3, no. 30. (January 2007.): 157-163.

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Myung D, Farooqui N, Zheng LL, Koh W, Gupta S, Bakri A, Noolandi J, Cochran JR, Frank CW, Ta CN.. "Bioactive interpenetrating polymer network hydrogels that support corneal epithelial wound healing.." J Biomed Mater Res A. Vol. 1, no. 90. (July 2009.): 70-81.

Farooqui N, Khan B, Wan JW, Lieberman P. "Blood Eosinophils as Markers for Inflammation in Asthma." Annals of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology. Vol. 5, no. 103 (Supplement 3). (November 2009.): A56-A57.

Farooqui N.. "Limits to Patient Selection." Virtual Mentor/AMA Journal of Ethics. Vol. 3, no. 13. (March 2011.): 152-155.


Reference Works

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